G-EMx Technologies Engages in a Strategic Partnership with HokuApps to Accelerate the Shift to Digital Wallets Post Covid-19

HokuApps, a global player in the next-generation enterprise mobility solutions, is excited to announce its selection as the preferred technology partner by GEMx (Global Electronic Money Exchange) Technologies Private Limited, a well-trusted and reliable digital payments company that aims to transform the virtual banking experience for its clients.

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a paradigm shift towards digitalization along with a sudden surge in digital payments as more and more businesses opt for cashless transactions. GEMx Technologies is able to quickly turn any smartphone into a digital wallet with payment credentials, connecting business owners and consumers.

Together they will be bringing a digitalized financial solution to the market in a fraction of time and cost by building an integrated enterprise web application that improves and optimizes the overall payment process and user experience, HokuApps said in a press release.

GEMx Technologies provides digital payment solutions that enable their clients to make easy yet secure electronic payments anytime and anywhere with just their mobile phones while keeping their financial information encrypted. GEMx’s current clients can also send or receive money from other businesses using the same service. The company leverages various digital capabilities built in-house as well as powered by third-party vendors to help its clients with a wide range of day-to-day processes and transactions.

HokuApps will be working closely with GEMx Technologies to build a digital wallet web application. The objective is to provide a seamless digital wallet experience to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business owners looking for accessible and compliant digital payment services. SME business owners can utilize GEMx’s technology for their investment needs instead of traditionally opening secondary accounts. The one-stop solution will ensure the secure enrolment of users, provide easy accessibility, and deliver a stellar customer experience with a sleek and modern user interface. On the successful completion of customer onboarding, GEMx Technologies will be applying for a license with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), indicating the successful launch of the company.

“We chose HokuApps to build our digital wallet website because we value their highly experienced technical team, the ease of communication, the immediate technical updates given to us upon requests, and the provision of post-launch support. That coupled with HokuApps’ position as a global leader in the enterprise low-code application industry, made us opt for them in the end,” said Asmadi Bin Ahmad, Co-Founder at GEMx Technologies. “With HokuApps, we intend to have the agility needed to deliver fast and continuous process improvement to meet our operational excellence, customer experience, and digital transformation objectives.”

“We are looking forward to designing an integrated web application that will enable GEMx Technologies to augment their digital game so that they can start providing the best customer experience their industry has to offer,” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at HokuApps. “We strongly believe that the way in which customers experience and interact with GEMx’s solutions and digital landscape has a ripple effect beyond affecting their clients’ perception of their brand. One of our main priorities would be ensuring that they are able to constantly improve and iterate on their customer experience.”

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