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G-EMx Technologies Trip to Uzbekistan Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024

From March 18th to 20th, G-EMx Technologies’s senior management team, led by CEO Mr. Asmadi Ahmad, participated in the ‘Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024’ in Uzbekistan. Organized by the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan and IT Park Uzbekistan, the event took place in the historic cities of Tashkent and Samarkand. It brought together industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries from around the globe, aiming to showcase Uzbekistan’s rapidly growing information technology and outsourcing capabilities. This event marked a significant opportunity for G-EMx Technologies to explore potential collaborations and understand emerging trends, placing the company at the forefront of Uzbekistan’s tech evolution.

Unveiling Opportunities and Building Bridges of Cooperation

Mr Asmadi Ahmad, CEO of G-EMx Technologies at the networking event
with more than 200 global delegates.

The tour became a melting pot of ideas, visions, and potential collaborations, with over 200 delegates from more than 30 countries. As the sole representative from Singapore, G-EMx Technologies seized the opportunity to align with global tech trends and delve into Central Asia’s burgeoning tech landscape. The event facilitated dialogue, learning, and the exploration of new partnerships while also highlighting Uzbekistan’s competitive advantages, such as its skilled workforce, attractive tax incentives, and comprehensive support programs for foreign enterprises.

Insights and Inspirations

Visit to SamIT Global offce in Samarkand

The event’s three-day agenda, filled with insightful presentations and discussions, showcased Uzbekistan’s strategic vision for the IT sector through the Uzbekistan-2030 strategy. This plan aims to elevate the IT sector’s appeal among youth and significantly increase service exports by employing 300,000 young professionals in IT. Such initiatives resonated with G-EMx Technologies’ objectives of nurturing talent and expanding service exports, making the trip particularly pertinent.

A tour to SamIT Global’s offices in Samarkand was a trip highlight. Specializing in logistics, IT education, and insurance, SamIT Global provided a practical look at the application of IT solutions in business operations and innovation, highlighting the potential for fruitful collaborations and investments in Uzbekistan’s IT sector.

Cultural Immersion and Broader Perspective

Mr. Asmadi Ahmad, CEO of G-EMx Technologies, Mr. N.Asreen, Chief Technological Officer and Mr. Fadly Mohamed, Regional Acquisition & Partnership Manager, at a cultural tour in Samarkand

The concluding day of the tour, March 20th, was especially memorable, dedicated to a cultural program in Samarkand. This included visits to esteemed historical landmarks such as Shahi-Zinda and Registan, enriching our understanding of Uzbekistan’s rich heritage and contextualizing its modern tech ambitions.

For G-EMx Technologies, this cultural immersion was enlightening as we understand the Uzbek ethos, with its blend of tradition and a keen eye towards the future. It showed us that the ambitious tech evolution we’d come to explore was rooted in centuries of rich history and resilient progress. It underscored that genuine connections in business go beyond contracts and negotiations—they’re built on understanding and respecting each other’s cultures and dreams. As we look forward to weaving these insights into our future strategies, we’re not just planning collaborations but envisioning partnerships that respect and celebrate Uzbekistan’s vibrant culture alongside its technological aspirations.

Observations and Plans

The tour brought two key insights. Firstly, the extraordinary ambition and drive of the Uzbek youth made a deep impact. Their determination to bridge language gaps and connect with the global market highlights a workforce eager for collaboration. At G-EMx Technologies, we’re excited about the prospect of engaging with this vibrant talent pool for potential BPO or business expansions within the country.

CEO of G-EMx Technologies, Mr. Asmadi Ahmad, said, “In Uzbekistan, we found not just a market ready for technological collaboration but a rich culture that deeply influences its tech landscape. This journey has reaffirmed our commitment to building partnerships beyond technology, embracing Uzbekistan’s vibrant culture and ambitious youth as we look towards a future of mutual growth and innovation.”

Reflecting on our experience, the team returned with fond memories, a fresh perspective, and valuable insights. Uzbekistan’s readiness to embrace international partnerships and its forward-looking IT strategies set the stage for a promising future. We look forward to deepening our collaboration and investing in Uzbekistan, contributing to the growth of both G-EMx Technologies and Uzbekistan’s thriving IT ecosystem in the near future.

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