G-EMX Technologies and IT Park Uzbekistan: Powering the Growth of Uzbekistan’s IT Sector

On 29th May 2023, GEMX Technologies, a growing fin-tech solutions provider in Singapore, and IT Park Uzbekistan, a government-backed technology park, joined forces in a collaborative effort to drive the development of Uzbekistan’s thriving IT industry.

Under the recently signed memorandum of understanding (MoU), Mr Jahongir Radjabov, Deputy Director of IT Park Uzbekistan, and Mr Asmadi Bin Ahmad, Founder and CEO of GEMX Technologies, have outlined key areas of cooperation, including:

• IT Professional Training and Development
• IT Consulting Services
• Joint Development of IT Solutions
• Promotion of IT Exports

The MoU between GEMX Technologies and IT Park Uzbekistan marks a significant milestone in the advancement of Uzbekistan’s IT sector.

Mr Ray Kwan, Director of the Singapore Business Federation, emphasized the significance of this cooperation between the IT industries of Uzbekistan and Singapore. He highlighted the potential for creating additional opportunities for economic development and fostering mutual understanding and cultural ties between the two countries.

GEMX Technologies is excited to work hand in hand with IT Park Uzbekistan, united in its vision to create a dynamic and prosperous IT sector in Uzbekistan. With a shared commitment to excellence, this collaboration is poised to drive innovation, economic development, and digital transformation in the country.

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